What is a diamond drill bit and what types are there? The drill bit that is used as a cutting edge is called a diamond drill bit. The drill bit is an integrated drill bit, the whole drill bit has no moving parts, the structure is relatively simple, and it has high strength, high wear resistance and impact resistance. ability.

Classification of diamond bits

Diamond bits are classified according to the way in which the abrasive is embedded in the matrix of the bit, and different methods are used to embed the diamond abrasive in the matrix to produce different types of diamond bits.

What is a diamond drill bit and what types are it

1. Impregnated diamond bit

The impregnated diamond bit matrix (hereinafter referred to as diamond bit) is formed by powder metallurgy, which is then sintered and bonded to the steel body of the bit.

2. Form setting diamond bit

The cutting tool part of the table setting diamond bit is also diamond single crystal, diamond polycrystalline or diamond composite.

3. Cone drill bit

A conical drill bit is a drill bit with a conical shape buried in it, and the core in the middle is crushed due to the mutual compaction of the conical shapes. This type of drill bit has a wide range of adaptability to rock hardness, especially for soft to medium hard rock, but Requires a complete stratum and is not suitable for overburden construction.