Core bits are a common drilling tool and an indispensable tool in the drilling industry, making it possible to drill with less effort.

So, what is a core drill bit?

Core drill bits are also called hollow drill bits, which are mainly used for drilling steel plates and other products, hollow drill bits with special core drilling machines, with the characteristics of fast efficiency and low cost, core drill bit edge made of carbide, with three layers of end tooth geometry, cutting light and fast, long service life of steel plate drill bits, double cutting flat shank interface, suitable for each clock drilling machine. Carbide drill bits are also suitable for all kinds of vertical drilling machines, rocker drilling machines, milling machines, lathes, etc.

What are the types of core drill bits and their applications?

Types of core bits: diamond core bits, PDC core bits, alloy core bits.

Diamond core bits: diamond setting can be selected according to the change of rock structure. There are two kinds of diamond bits, natural and artificial, which are necessary for drilling into hard rock formations.

PDC core bits: suitable for soft to medium hard formations.

Alloy core bits: mainly used for hard materials.

What is a coring bit and how to use it

How to use the core drill bit?

1、Feeding speed: Feeding speed is generally based on experience, and is generally 0.08-0.12mm/revolution, or 0.6-1.0mm/sec. The feeding speed is a key element in drilling.

2, positioning: burin a positioning point in the center of the location to be drilled or “+” line with an alloy needle to ensure the accuracy of the drilling position. Note, when using the center bur to hit the positioning point, please ensure that the center bur is perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece, so as not to affect the smooth discharge of the cutting material core.

3、Start drilling: Please adjust the appropriate speed, make sure the bottom of the magnetic base of the drilling machine is clean before starting the machine, turn on the magnetic base switch first and then turn on the motor switch, turn on the coolant switch while the motor is running, when the drill bit touches the steel plate, feed slowly first, drill into about 1-2mm and then feed at normal speed.

4、The drilling is finished: turn off the motor and wait for the spindle to stop rotating, then use the iron hook to remove the iron chips wound on the body of the drill, and then continue the operation.