Diamond saw blades have the advantages of high processing efficiency and good processing quality in stone processing, and are the main tools in the stone processing industry.

The diamond circular saw blade is a disc-shaped tool as a whole. It uses powder metallurgy to inlay diamond particles around the substrate. It uses the fracturing and crushing of diamond particles and large-scale shearing of other materials to achieve cutting. Intention. In general, there are many types of diamond circular saw blades, and the classification is also very complicated.

The essence of the diamond circular saw blade is that the matrix is ​​inlaid and fixed with diamond through appropriate matrix material. It is to weld a composite sintered body composed of diamond particles and matrix material on the matrix, which is often called a cutter head. There are various ways, usually made into a cuboid. The matrix is ​​the binder, which should have two basic functions: one is to hold the diamond; the other is to be able to wear with the wear of the diamond, so that the diamond can emerge normally.

What indicators are used to choose diamond saw blades

When we choose diamond saw blades, we generally follow three performance indicators:

1. Processing quality:

Machining quality refers to the quality of the sheet cut by the diamond saw blade, mainly refers to the surface flatness, straightness, parallelism of both sides, and edge integrity, etc., which is the primary issue of whether a saw blade can be used.

2. Saw blade cutting efficiency:

Saw cutting efficiency is an indicator of productivity. It is a sign of the sharpness of diamond saw blades. This is an important indicator that users are very concerned about. It also means unit power consumption of products, which is a prerequisite for saw blades to enter the market as a commodity.

3. Service life:

Service life is an indicator of working ability, or an indicator of durability. It refers to the total number of plates that a pair of diamond saw blades can process, expressed as a face saw blade.

The diamond saw blade is made of high-quality diamond single crystal, the particle shape is regular and full, and the pre-alloyed powder and reinforced alloy powder are used as raw materials, which are more sharp and wear-resistant.