In the process of stone processing, various mechanical equipment is required. After the initial processing of the stone, the stone surface will be relatively rough, and then a gantry thickness setting machine is required.

Wanlong’s gantry thickness setting machine adopts a conjoined structure, the trolley is driven by hand, and the cutter head can be moved up and down flexibly. .

Due to the uncontrollability and danger of machinery, you must be very careful during use to prevent accidents. Then, what problems should be paid attention to when using the gantry thickening machine?

It is strictly forbidden to touch the transmission parts of the gantry thickness setting machine with your hands;

Longmen Thickening Machine

The hoisting and handling of the whole machine or the body of the stone thickness determination machine must be a safe and reliable plan. The selected equipment, spreaders, tools and other equipment must ensure safe cutting and debugging during the hoisting and handling process. Stay beside the stone thickness setting machine;

When carrying out the maintenance operation of the stone thickness determination machine, it is necessary to remove the safety guard and other parts, and the removed safety guard and other parts must be placed in a safe location that will not cause unsafe factors to other personnel on site.