Generally speaking, water-grinding discs are commonly used grinding discs. Compared with dry-grinding discs, they are not very conspicuous. The difference between dry-grinding discs and water-grinding discs is mainly reflected in their respective shapes and characteristics. The polishing effect of water-grinding discs is very delicate. Smooth, dry polishing pads are not easy to stain after polishing, water polishing pads are suitable for a wide range of applications, dry polishing pads can play a good polishing effect on rough floors, and both have their own advantages. use.

Differences in the nature of products

1. The water-grinding sheet, also known as the soft grinding sheet, is a flexible processing tool made of diamond as abrasive and combined with composite materials. There is a Velcro cloth on the back, which is fastened on the joint of the grinding machine. It is used for grinding and can be used for grinding. Special-shaped processing of stone, ceramics, glass, floor tiles and other materials, suitable for stone polishing, line chamfering, arc-shaped plate and special-shaped stone processing, also can be used for marble, concrete, cement floor, terrazzo, glass-ceramic, artificial stone , special-shaped processing, repair and renovation of floor tiles, glazed tiles and vitrified tiles.

2. The dry grinding disc is a flexible processing tool made of diamond as abrasive and composite material through special technology and formula. It can be used for special-shaped processing of stone, ceramics, concrete and other materials. Because it does not need to add water during use, it is not easy to dye. It has great advantages in saving water resources and is widely used in stone grinding and renovation projects in some special environments. Due to the complex production process and high technical requirements.

Features of grinding products

1. Features of water-grinding sheet: It has strong grinding force, good durability, good softness, clarity and gloss. It is an ideal stone grinding tool. The whole process is divided into rough grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding and polishing. At this stage, the processed stone has a gloss of 90° or more.

2. Features of dry grinding discs: The patented formula can achieve the polishing effect of water grinding discs. After grinding and polishing, there are no scratches and color left on the stone (not easy to dye).

Grinding sheet application range

1. Water mill

(1) Suitable for the processing of artificial stone, granite and marble. It has a complete and standard grain size color system and good flexibility. It is easier to process lines, chamfers, curved slabs and shaped stones. Specifications are optional, Various particle sizes are easy to distinguish, and various grinding machines can be flexibly configured according to needs and customization.

(2) For the treatment and renovation of various floors and steps laid with granite, marble and artificial stone slabs, various hand-cranked or refurbished machines can be used flexibly according to needs and habits.

(3) For the grinding and polishing of ceramic tiles, ceramic tile manufacturers have manufactured a complete set of manual, automatic, semi-throwing machines, which can be used for semi-polishing and full-polishing of microcrystalline tiles, glazed tiles and antique tiles. The brightness value of the luminous surface Up to more than 90. Used for floor treatment and renovation of microcrystalline tiles and various tiles. It can be used flexibly with various grinders or refreshers according to needs and habits.

(3) The water mill can also be used in the transformation of industrial floors, warehouses, parking lot concrete floors or various aggregate hardener floors, especially the current popular liquid hardener floor projects, which can be used flexibly according to needs and habits. The same Size DS grinding machine for rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing.

2. Dry grinding

(1) It is used for grinding and polishing of marble, granite, concrete and other special-shaped stones.

(2) It is suitable for the grinding of different floors. The dry ground will be more delicate and glossy.