With the development of science and technology, more and more granite miners will use wire saws for mining. Compared with traditional mining methods, wire saw mining will be more environmentally friendly and the cutting efficiency will be higher.

For hard stones such as granite, through the long-term unremitting efforts of wire saw, beaded rope manufacturers and mining enterprises, the technology of mining granite with wire saw is becoming more and more mature. At present, wire saw can be widely used in granite, sandstone, etc. In the mining of hard stone, the quality of products is getting higher and higher and the cost is lower and lower, which has become a trend in the world.

Granite Wire Saw

Advantages of using wire saw for stone mining Compared with the traditional “blasting + flame cutting” mining method, mining granite with wire saw has the following advantages:

1. Wide adaptability, wire saw is suitable for all types of mines, while flame cutting is only suitable for granite mines with high quartz content and few cracks.

2. Strong function and high efficiency, first of all, the mining depth is deep, which can reach 10~20m or even deeper, and flame cutting is generally only within 10m; secondly, the cutting speed is fast, generally reaching 3~4m2/h, which is 2~3 meters of flame cutting. times.

3. The wire saw can cut vertically, horizontally, obliquely, etc. in all directions, and can also perform blind cutting, while flame cutting can only perform vertical cutting.

4. The finished product rate is high and the comprehensive cost is low. First, the cut surface of the wire saw is very flat and will not cause any internal damage to the block material. Second, the sawing gap is small, only about 11mm, which will not cause waste of resources; while the flame cutting surface is rough and uneven, and It causes a certain internal injury to the block, and the saw gap is large, generally 100~300mm, resulting in a great waste of resources and high mining costs.

5. Safe and environmentally friendly, wire saw mining has no noise and no dust, does not affect nearby residents and other operating surfaces, and has a high degree of automation, separate control, low labor intensity and high safety; while flame cutting noise and dust are very large, It seriously affects the operation of nearby residents and other workers, and the workers are labor-intensive and relatively low in safety.