Talk about the current situation and development trend of domestic diamond tools

Synthetic diamond, as a superhard material with excellent performance, has incalculable applications. In terms of synthesis methods, it has undergone high temperature and high-pressure method, explosion method and chemical vapor deposition method, and the fundamental principle is to provide a high temperature and high pressure type of environment similar to that in the earth’s crust for the purpose of synthesis. In terms of material morphology and quality, the diamond needs to go through the low-quality micro powder, to high quality, perfect structure of nano size and gem size, single crystal and polycrystalline development together, and finally there are various doping to meet the functional requirements, in short towards micro and macro bi-directional development, and finally functionalization. From the application point of view, diamond needs to move from traditional tools (mainly relying on high hardness and high wear resistance) to high-end tools (precision tools), and then to functional class devices, in order to give greater play to its real value. At present, I am afraid that the application of diamond is still very difficult to get out of the category of tools, as follows.

Diamond tools mainly include abrasives, cutting tools, drilling tools, dressing tools, etc. They are widely used in various fields such as geological exploration, stone, mechanical bearings, semiconductor, sapphire, composite materials, automobile and defense industry. At present, China’s diamond tools have formed a series of products with relatively complete specifications, a few products have a certain competitiveness in the international market, most of the product performance and cost performance needs to be improved, and the competitiveness is low.

Analysis of the current situation of global diamond tools

At present, the global diamond market can be divided into three basic types, the first type is Europe and America, mainly including the United States as well as Europe and other countries with advanced technology, they have more than forty years’ experience in diamond tools manufacturing, strong strength, leading technology, perfect sales system, and to a large extent, they have formed a monopoly trend on the market. Some representative diamond tool manufacturing groups in European and American countries, such as Husqvarna, have an annual turnover of more than three hundred million dollars.

The second type is dominated by Japan and South Korea, whose experience in manufacturing diamond and tools exceeds thirty years and has developed rapidly, occupying a certain position in the DIY market as well as the high-end market, and gradually advancing to the professional market. Among the Japanese and Korean manufacturers, the related technology mainly includes hot-pressing sintering and laser welding process, etc. The representative units such as Japan Asahi Diamond Industry Co.

The third type is the manufacturing enterprises mainly from China. Some of the Chinese diamond tools have high quality level, and some foreign diamond tool brands also entrust the production to Chinese enterprises. However, most of the products produced by most enterprises are of inferior quality and low price, although the number of tools is quite a lot, they are low-end products. Together the quantity and volume of high quality products are not enough to compete with foreign countries.