As we all know, the working environment of circular saw blade is quite harsh, and due to a long time in the harsh environment of the stone cutting, will lead to circular saw blade dull become not sharp, which is inevitable.

When the circular saw blade becomes blunt and not sharp, it will greatly affect its efficiency and cutting speed, and thus reduce production, at which time we must replace the saw blade in a timely manner.

Stone cutting machine how to replace the circular saw blade?

How to replace the stone cutting machine saw blade? The steps are as follows:

1. Remove the saw blade. Stone cutting machine itself is marked with the direction of rotation of the saw blade. The thread of the compression nut used to fix the saw blade is opposite to the direction of rotation of the saw blade, which makes the bolt tend to tighten with rotation. When replacing the saw blade, first use a wrench to fix the blade, and then turn the top nut in the direction indicated by the arrow on the stone cutting machine itself to remove the blade.

2. When disassembling the parts, mark and record the parts according to the disassembly order.

3. Replace the saw blade with a new one.

4. Reset each part in the reverse order of disassembly and markings.

5.Tighten the fixing nut.

6. Check the smooth rotation of the saw blade during the test run. That is, the saw blade replacement work is completed.