1. Before starting the stone edging machine, you should pay attention to check the wear of the grinding wheel, replace the grinding wheel if necessary, and check whether the position of the water nozzle is correct after each replacement of the stone grinding wheel, otherwise it must be adjusted.

2. Before grinding, the machine should be run for 5~10 minutes in an empty machine, so that each motor is in the best operating state, and the cerium oxide is fully mixed in the water tank to make the polishing wheel more evenly adhere to the polishing powder.

3. Lubrication

3.1 The mechanical stepless speed changer located at the leftmost end of the main engine should be replaced for the first time after 300 hours of initial operation. During the replacement, the residual oil should be removed. After that, if it works continuously for more than 10 hours a day, it should be replaced every 3 months. ;For those who work intermittently for less than 10 hours a day, replace it every 6 months. When replacing, unscrew the breather cap of the reducer to refuel (the oil level is in the middle of the Shanbiao), and when the oil is drained, unscrew the mechanical stepless The oil drain plug at the lower part of the transmission can release the dirty oil. It is recommended to use No. 150 industrial gear oil.

3.2 The lubricating oil replacement system for the main drive worm gear box directly connected to the mechanical continuously variable transmission is the same as that of the mechanical continuously variable transmission.

3.3 For the grinding head carriage seat, the oil gun for the front guide rail moving carriage seat should always work overtime with N32 mechanical oil to keep it well lubricated.

3.4 Regularly add grease to the swivel angle screw with seat bearing to keep it well lubricated.

3.5 For the main drive chain, add lubricating oil every 1 month. When filling, remove the oil caps on the front and rear covers on the left end of the main engine to add oil. For the conveying chain of the conveying guide rail, every 2 months If lubricating oil is injected once, it is recommended to use ZL-1H synthetic lithium base grease.

4. According to the water quality and the quality requirements of the product, the water tank is often cleaned in a short cycle.

How to maintain and maintain the stone edging machine

Three Important Notes

1. There is high voltage in the control box, and non-professional technicians are forbidden to open the control box;

2. It is forbidden to open the control box with power on. Within 1 minute of turning off the power, there may be residual high voltages that are dangerous to human safety in the control box.

3. Non-designer and debugging personnel are not allowed to modify the wiring and switch settings in the control box, non-professional technical personnel.