Diamond saw blade is an indispensable processing tool for processing stone. There are many types of diamond saw blades on the market. To maintain it, its lifespan is not entirely determined by its quality itself, but also requires users to treat them carefully, thereby prolonging their lifespan and helping you save more costs.

Maintenance method of diamond saw blade:

1. If the diamond saw blade is not used immediately, it should be placed flat or suspended by the inner hole. Other items or footsteps cannot be stacked on the flat diamond saw blade, and attention should be paid to preventing moisture and rust.

2. When the diamond saw blade is no longer sharp and the cutting surface is rough, it must be re-ground in time. Re-grinding cannot change the original angle and destroy the dynamic balance.

How to maintain and maintain the diamond saw blade?

3. The inner diameter correction and positioning hole processing of diamond saw blades must be carried out by the manufacturer. If the processing is not good, it will affect the use effect of the product and may be dangerous. In principle, the reaming hole should not exceed the original diameter of 20mm, so as not to affect the balance of stress .

Requirements for the use of diamond saw blades:

1. When working, the workpiece should be fixed, and the profile positioning should be consistent with the direction of the knife to avoid abnormal cutting. Do not apply side pressure or curve cutting. The workpiece flew out and an accident occurred.

2. When working, if abnormal sound and vibration, rough cutting surface, or peculiar smell are found, the operation must be terminated immediately, and the fault must be checked and eliminated in time to avoid accidents.

3. When starting and stopping cutting, do not feed too fast to avoid broken teeth and damage.

4. If cutting aluminum alloy or other metals, special cooling lubricant should be used to prevent the saw blade from overheating, causing tooth paste, and other damage, which will affect the cutting quality.

5. The equipment chip removal groove and slag suction device ensure smooth flow to prevent the slag from accumulating and affecting production and safety.

6. When dry cutting, please do not cut continuously for a long time, so as not to affect the service life and cutting effect of the saw blade; for wet cutting, water should be added to cut to prevent leakage.