Diamond grinding wheel is a very important processing tool in the process of stone industry processing. In industrial processing, diamond grinding wheel is also inseparable, because diamond grinding wheel can help us complete the work quickly and well, so in many occasions We all use diamond grinding wheels.

Diamond grinding wheel is one of the important factors in the manufacturing industry to improve processing productivity and product surface quality.

In the high-end CNC machining center, a high-efficiency composite tool can be used to replace multiple single-function tools, and the processing of complex-shaped workpieces can be automatically completed according to the processing program, which has an excellent effect on improving production efficiency, surface quality and reducing production costs.

How to improve the productivity and applicable industries of diamond grinding wheels

Statistics show that the use of advanced and high-efficiency tools can significantly improve cutting efficiency, which may reduce the production cost of diamond grinding wheels by 10%-15%. Even if the cost of purchasing advanced and high-efficiency tools increases by 50%, it is reflected in the production cost of diamond grinding wheels. Only about 1%, that is, the increase in tool costs is far less than the decrease in production costs.

Industries where diamond grinding wheels are suitable for use

It is suitable for machining super-hard high-speed steel, heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, ultra-high-strength steel, high-temperature alloys and other difficult-to-machine materials, and is used in the processing of automobiles, aviation, tools, cutting tools, bearings, gears, threads and other fields.