As we all know, the cutter head is acting on the saw blade, for cutting stone has an inseparable and important role. And in the process of cutting stone, many stone manufacturers and friends of the distinction between marble cutter head and granite cutter head, or full of confusion.

Diamond bits according to different cutting materials can be divided into marble bits, granite bits, sandstone bits, limestone bits, basalt bits, andesite bits, etc., mainly because of the many kinds of natural stone, different stone with different hardness, abrasive, toughness, crack resistance, etc., for these factors are different, need to allocate different diamond bits to different materials, so that The cutter head has better cutting performance and service life, so as to avoid the marble cutter head from cutting granite and losing teeth, and to avoid the granite cutter head from consuming too fast and dulling the cutter head.

How to distinguish marble cutter head from granite cutter head

So how to distinguish the two? Here we distinguish from three aspects.

Firstly, it is distinguished by the shape

Granite cutter head in the cutting edge will be designed into a variety of shapes to facilitate the opening of the edge, such as can be made into M-shaped, V-shaped, K-shaped, W-shaped, corrugated, fan-shaped, etc., because of the reduction of the cutting area, so the cutter head will start to be very sharp, in the early cutting stone, can be stable over; and marble cutter head, most of the rectangular and fan-shaped structure, mainly because the marble material grinding High abrasive, rectangular cutter head can have a longer cutting life, and marble material is more brittle, stable cutting is more conducive to the formation of the plate. In general, the shape of marble cutter head is more single, while granite will be adjusted according to the characteristics of different stones, sharper cutter head shape, in order to more sharp and fast cutting effect.

The second is distinguished by the structure

Marble cutter head in the structure of most of the no compartment or a single compartment (sandwich structure) of the head, mainly because the marble material is soft, the benefit of adding a compartment is to increase its sharpness, and marble on the sharpness of the requirements are not high, so the simple one-piece head and a single non-working layer of the head is more conducive to improving the life of the head, and can properly increase the cutting speed of the head. The granite cutter head is different, granite cutter head with multiple compartments is much more efficient than the cutter head without compartments, especially the 7-layer, 9-layer large cutter head, is widely used in multi-piece bridge combination cutting and single-arm combination cutting, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.

Lastly, it is distinguished by the raw material of the carcass

Granite cutter head facing very hard stone, so the granite cutter head on the hardness and toughness requirements are very high, at present, silicon carbide based is the best choice, but this material is expensive, people retreat to the second best, choose iron-based for granite cutter head, the use of this material greatly reduces the price of granite cutter head, so most of the granite cutter head are used iron powder, resulting in granite cutter head The color is grayish black or grayish white. In order to prevent rust and increase the abrasiveness of the marble cutter head, so in the principle of the body will choose a more stable copper base, in terms of color, yellowish brown, golden yellow and bronze, of course, there are some exceptions, such as cutting marble row saw cutter head, the use of cobalt base, the color is white-gray.

The biggest difference between marble bits and granite bits is in the choice of diamond powder, marble bits use coarse grain, low quality and medium concentration diamond powder, while granite bits use fine grain, medium quality and high concentration diamond powder. Of course, not all the formulas of marble and granite bits are the same, but the overall adjustment direction and trend tend to be the same.