As a new cutting tool, the diamond rope saw has both efficiency and environmental protection, making it popular in the increasingly environmentally conscious situation.

Diamond rope saws are mainly used for cutting stone, reinforced concrete, mud and water construction and other hard materials. It is a new and environmentally friendly cutting tool, and its efficiency and output ratio have become a great concern for customers.

How many square meters of stone can be cut per meter of diamond rope saw? The specific also need to cut through the object, rope saw cutting machine, the operator and the way of operation and product differentiation (formula) and so on to analyze

1. Cutting object

In cutting materials, choose the corresponding cutting tools is particularly important, cutting stone process, cutting hard stone difficulty than cutting soft stone difficulty is much higher, when the same rope saw to cut hard stone and soft stone process, the degree of diamond consumption is also a great difference, the harder the material rope saw life is shorter, the softer the stone, the longer the life of the rope saw.

2. Rope saw cutting machine

A high efficiency, good quality rope saw cutting machine also determines the length of use of diamond rope saw and wage efficiency. Many builders are not clear, think rope saw machine are similar, in fact, good rope saw machine quality stable, cutting process, there will be more reminders, and cutting speed can be very good control, in the machine fixed, good rope saw machine will not appear huge shaking, is also can greatly improve the rope saw cutting life of one of the factors.

3. Operator and operation mode

A skilled operator with experience in normal and abnormal work of the rope saw has a very high sensitivity, they can always quickly solve the problem, such as the current is too high, skilled workers will promptly adjust the rope saw line speed, or other aspects of the adjustment, such as observation of the cutting stroke is correct, cutting angle needs to be adjusted and so on, and can be after cutting, the rope saw for inspection, plus rope saw around Rope experience, wear rope experience, etc., can greatly improve the service life of the rope saw, there are skilled operators, can greatly improve the rope saw life, the same rope saw, cutting the same hardness of stone in the country and abroad, have very different cutting data.

4. Product differentiation (formula)

Different products use different formulas, such as the current rope saw bead lump formula mainly has three kinds, the first is the iron-based formula of the rope saw, this rope saw wear resistance, cheap, for a variety of granite, quartzite mines and steel mixed materials cutting, can maintain a faster cutting efficiency, but the shortcomings are also very obvious, is that the cutting life is shorter, the holding power of the diamond is not strong, easy to appear diamond It is easy to lose the diamond.

The second is the low cobalt-based diamond rope saw, mainly used for marble and granite cutting, low cobalt formula to take into account the high cutting life and medium cutting speed, is currently on the market more widely used products.

The third is the high cobalt-based formula products, this product takes into account the very high life and cutting sharpness, greatly accelerating the cutting efficiency, suitable for high-end market, such as the quality of the rope saw product requirements of the higher customer groups.

How much square stone can be cut per meter of diamond rope saw?

So how many square meters of stone can be cut per meter of diamond rope saw? Here we will take the low cobalt formula as an example, and get the following data.

Marble and limestone part: cutting hard marble stone, a meter of rope saw can cut 25-35 square; cutting hard marble stone, a meter of rope saw can cut 30-40 square, cutting soft marble stone, a meter of rope saw can cut 35-55 square.

Quartz stone and granite part: cutting hard granite stone, a meter of rope saw can cut 5-15 square; cutting hard granite stone, a meter of rope saw can cut 10-20 square, cutting soft granite stone, a meter of rope saw can cut 15-30 square.

Steel mixed part: cutting harder thick steel steel mixed structure, a meter of rope saw can cut 0.5-1 square of reinforced concrete. Cutting medium-hard steel mixed structure with thick and thin rebar, a meter of rope saw can cut 0.8-1.5 square of reinforced concrete. For cutting soft and fine reinforcement steel and concrete, one meter of rope saw can cut 1.3-2.8 square meters of reinforced concrete. Cutting concrete, a meter of rope saw can cut 2.5-8 square.