Tile is a very popular building decoration material at present, and ceramic tile usually needs to be processed and cut in various ways, and finally it can become a common building decoration material in daily life, and this also has a saw blade for cutting tiles.

So how long does the diamond tile saw blade normally last?

The usage time of the diamond tile saw blade depends on the material you use, the quality of the saw blade and wet and dry cutting, as well as the usage pressure and speed of the saw blade, which all affect the usage time of the diamond tile saw blade.

So when do we need to replace the saw blade? It depends on the quality of the saw blade you buy. If you buy a low-quality saw blade, the cutting can last about 12 hours under normal conditions. But if the material you are cutting is extremely Important and you do not have the corresponding cutting technology, then this time will be shorter. If you buy a high-quality tile saw blade, the normal expected cutting life can reach about 120 hours.

When should a tile saw blade need to be replaced?

When your saw blade becomes dull, you must replace or sharpen it to ensure continuous efficient cutting and prevent cutting efficiency from being reduced.

How long do diamond tile saw blades last and when to replace

Precautions for use

1. Install a protective device on the saw blade so that it can cut safely and effectively protect the operator.

2. Wear a face protection device that is easy to breathe and avoid inhaling excessive dust.

3. Do not wear loose clothes to avoid being caught in the rotating saw blade.

4. The cutting depth should be deeper than the material being cut.

5. Carry out the cutting operation according to its maximum speed.

6. Do not force the saw blade to pass through the cut material, and cut at a constant speed according to the sharpness of the saw blade.

7. When cutting, fix the material to be cut.