Concrete Saw Blades


The concrete cutting blade is a new type of environmentally friendly and efficient concrete removal tool. It has the advantages of no dust pollution, no noise, smooth and tidy incision, and no need for post-processing; at the same time, it reduces labor intensity. It is an advanced technology product that replaces steel knives and rhinestones.

 What is a concrete cutting blade?

1. Definition:
A new type of tool for opening and dismantling walls and pavements in building renovation projects.

2. Features:
(1) The construction speed is extremely fast.

(2) Wide range of use.

(3) Good safety performance.

(4) Can be reused.

(5) Economical.

3. Scope of application:
(1) Bridge cutting.

(2) Tunnel cutting.

(3) Subway support beams.

(4) Widening of expressways.

(5) Municipal renovation.

(6) The wall opens the door.

(7) Drilling holes in the floor.

(8) The shear wall opens the door.

2. What are the advantages of concrete cutting blades?

(1) The construction speed is fast.


(3)High security.

(4)Environmental protection.

(5)Low cost.

(6)Do not damage the environment.

(7)The construction period is short.

(8)The operation is simple and quick.

3. How to choose and use concrete cutting blades?

(1)Choose products that are officially produced.

(2)Check the product quality certificate and inspection report.

(3)Select appropriate specifications according to actual needs.

4, how to maintain and replace the new diamond saw blade?

(1)Regularly check whether the saw blade and grinding wheel are in good condition (usually 3 months).

(2)Regularly supply oil (oil or gear oil).

(3)Replace severely worn saw blades and grinding wheels in time.

(4)pay attention to maintain a good working condition.