Causes and solutions of diamond saw blade wear

Diamond saw blade wear too fast will lead to block the cost of the workpiece to mention, including the quality of the workpiece is reduced, which has a very serious impact on the efficiency of enterprises, how to prevent the saw blade wear too fast, it is necessary to first understand the reasons for the occurrence of the situation.

Therefore, want to let the saw blade has a long service life and high efficiency, we must try to reduce the amount of diamond saw blade wear, then wear the diamond blade is caused by what factors, how to reduce wear?

Diamond saw blade wear causes and solutions

Diamond saw blades often work for a long time, so the degree of wear and tear is very large, need to be constantly on its repair and even replacement, which will increase the economic investment of enterprises.

Diamond saw blade itself is the quality of factors is an important factor affecting the tool wear, diamond grade, content, particle size, bonding agent and diamond matching and tool shape and other factors related to the tool itself, is also an important factor affecting the saw blade wear, its wear degree will be affected by the cutting material, the choice of feed rate and cutting speed, and the geometry of the workpiece and other factors. Different workpiece materials, the finished product fracture toughness, hardness, etc. are a big difference, so the nature of the workpiece material also affects the wear of diamond tools.

Saw manufacturers said the higher the quartz content, the more intense diamond wear; orthoclase content if significantly high, the sawing process is relatively difficult; in the same sawing conditions, coarse granite particle size than the fine granite particle size is more difficult to decoupling fracture, cutting the effect will be better.