Nowadays, more and more stone manufacturers choose CNC wire saw for cutting when cutting stone. It is more efficient, safer and more environmentally friendly, which makes it favored by stone manufacturers.

Let me introduce to you, what are the specific advantages of CNC wire saws that integrate many advantages?

Advantages of cutting stone with a CNC wire saw

1. Mining cost: Mining cost is lower.

2. Saving resources: The traditional use of explosives is very wasteful of resources, blasting the rocks all over the place, and the waste is piled up on the ground; while the blocks cut by the mining block stone cutter are as smooth as cutting tofu blocks, which can greatly improve the efficiency of mining. The rate of stone yield, its mining breakage rate is only t/6, which increases the utilization rate of stone by more than 50%, especially it can better utilize resources, protect resources and protect the environment.

In particular, it is most beneficial for the mining and processing of small stone varieties, and it can be mined normally for some adjacent villages, roads, etc. that are too close to be mined. There is no danger of shooting guns, and no noise pollution, which greatly expands the mining range and is suitable for the whole country. Mining and processing of various marble, granite, slate, sandstone and other small stone varieties in various places.

3. Mining speed: The traditional mining method can only cut a corner with a flame machine and then blast it; while the mine block stone cutting machine can mine a large area and get twice the result with half the effort.

4. Safety: Explosives must be used in traditional blasting mining, and there are reports of casualties caused by accidents every year; while the mine block stone cutter avoids the dangers of traditional blasting and mining, and can effectively ensure safe mining.

5. Efficiency: In traditional mining methods, workers only work during the day; while the mine block stone cutter can also work at night.