The cutting piece is mainly made of glass fiber and resin as reinforced bonding material, which has the characteristics of high tensile strength, impact resistance and bending strength, so it is widely used in the production and blanking of ordinary steel, stainless steel and non-metallic materials. According to the material, cutting The sheets are mainly divided into fiber resin cutting sheets and diamond cutting sheets.

So is there any positive and negative difference when it is installed?

Under normal circumstances, there is no difference between positive and negative, but some cutting pieces are covered with small iron rings, single bread or double bread. The difference. Note here: When installing a new cutting blade, the cutting blade needs to be statically balanced twice. After one static balance, install the grinder and use a diamond pen to trim the shape of the cutting blade, and then remove the cutting blade and perform a static balance before installation. use.

5 ways to choose diamond cutting discs

Here, pay attention to distinguish the grinding disc and cutting disc of the angle grinder. The grinding disc of the angle grinder has positive and negative sides, and the iron sheet is the front. In order to save costs, try to reduce the number of replacements of the grinding disc of the angle grinder, so in daily production It is necessary to carry out proper maintenance. Before removing and tightening the anti-thread cover, be sure to press and hold the head lock.

Cutting blades are widely used in many industries because of their convenience and economy. However, many people ignore the reasonable selection of cutting blades according to their own use. So what is the principle of selection of cutting blades?

1. Good uniform appearance and no cracks are the basic appearance of the cutting piece;

2. Sophisticated packaging and printing of anti-counterfeiting barcodes are the difference between genuine products and counterfeit products;

3. The lower the static unbalance value of any cutting piece, the better, and of course the greater the difficulty of production;

4. The general rule of cutting and grinding is that the amount of iron removed is less, the wear is low, the grinding wheel is too hard, the amount of iron removed is too large, the material is too poor, the internal quality is as little wear as possible, a large amount of iron is removed, and at the same time, it feels good ;

5. For carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel, stainless steel, copper-aluminum, and glass stone, due to their different tissue densities and heating conditions, it is determined that the choice of cutting pieces is different; for glass stone, the market There are special glass stone cutting and grinding tools; copper, aluminum and stainless steel solid materials should be cut or polished with lower thickness or zirconium corundum as the base material; for cutting carbon steel and stainless steel profiles (non-solid), the hardness is required to be selected. A higher grinding wheel will greatly increase the life; but for solid round steel and forgings, the hardness of the grinding wheel should not be too high, otherwise it will not cut!